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Welcome to IINS

International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS), an international organisation, was founded on September 19, 1980. It was established to project and highlight the convictions of the peoples of the Non-aligned World. IINS has provided a platform to voice the viewpoint of billions of people of the third world. 

As we move towards the 21st Century, it is imperative for the world to shun the greed for domination and exploitation. We must not bequeath the future generations a legacy of fear, insecurity, hatred and poverty. 


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News From Non-Aligned World

NEWS FROM NON-ALIGNED WORLD (NNW) - A news and features agency in English and Hindi, was established on November 1, 1979 in manifestation of the emerging concept of New Information and Communication Order outlined by the developing and NAM countries. The agency filled the void in media exposition of the issues, events and achievements of the third world.
NNW is a bi-weekly news and features agency and since inception it is being brought out regularly without any break. Inspite of its moderate set-up and financial limitations, the NNW has endeavoured to provide the newspapers, media organisations,...